Airmon-NG Learning Edition

    aircrack-ng LE GUI is a comprehensive graphical front end for the aircrack-ng suite. Allowing you to have more information on hand as you set your variables by providing that information in an interactive manner.

    What's the difference between the GUI provided by ANGLE (Aircrack-NG Learning Edition) and other GUI's out their such as fern-wifi-cracker (Which is a very nice program) you may ask?

     ANGLE is not designed in a way to just do the job for you, it is designed to give you full control of the process and giving you the ability to interact with what's happening. It does not do all the work in the background, you don't learn a thing that way. ANGEL will open terminals and let you see what command is processed, and the work as it's being processing. After useing ANGEL you will not just be able to say "I cracked a network," you will also be able to say "and this is how i did it"

Created By: "Josef Holland"
Programmed in Gambas

Special thanks to's community for assistance with helping me get through some of the PITA code parts :)


Compiled Gambas file Airmon-NG.gambas